Inside Out Offers Important Lessons for Grieving Children and Adults

If you’re wondering whether Pixar’s newest movie Inside Out will make you cry, the answer is maybe.  I know because I saw it a few days ago, thanks to Discount Tuesdays at the local movie theater and two very bored children (we’re on week two of summer vacation people, things are not looking good). I’m not a particularly …


Support for Grieving Children: Grief Centers and the National Alliance for Grieving Children

Oh man, you should have seen us the other day, heavy bags slung over our shoulders dragging oversized and awkwardly shaped boxes through the parking lot of the Red Lion in Jantzen Beach, Oregon.  We were determined to safely get everything inside in one trip and one trip only. “You got it?” Litsa asked “I think …

making the same mistakes

Making the Same Mistakes as Our Loved Ones

It’s 10:30am and the girls are still in their pajamas. Actually, I’m still in my pajamas as well. This is a little lazy, but only slightly out of the ordinary thanks to our comfy-casual dress code.  The minute anyone hits the door it’s off with the pants and on with anything that has a forgiving waist …

preserve handwriting FI final

9 Creative Ways to Preserve Handwriting

My dad had the most perfect penmanship.  He attributed it to his Catholic school education, the nuns beat it into me, he would say.  Whether he was writing with his left or right hand, his handwriting was better than most people’s.  As the story went, he broke his right arm three times in a year …


Grieving the Loss of Hopes and Dreams

I just realized my birthday is tomorrow. Seriously, I totally forgot. Although I’m always bad with dates, truthfully I think this is more the product of selective inattention. I know bemoaning your birthday is so cliché, but I’ve been wishing that time would slow down for, like, 8 years now. The passage of time has …

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