Holiday Togetherness Game Plan: 11 tips for taking a time out

Woah, it’s the day before Thanksgiving already?!?  You must have so much to do and/or the kids are home from school and/or you’re in the middle of watching TV.  Don’t worry, we aren’t going to take up too much of your time.  We just want to have a quick pre-holiday huddle to discuss your game plan for …


Grief and Food: 10 reasons why your Thanksgiving spread might make you cry

Grief doesn’t always turn you into a ball of unpredictable emotion, but sometimes it does.  Sometimes things like a song, a word, a familiar face, a commercial, a cheesy quote, a shoe without a match, a wilted flower, or a nice looking stranger waiting at a bus stop can bring you to tears.  Just me?? I mean think about …

FI compass grief changes priorities

When Grief Changes Our Priorities (aka should I join a commune?)

I have this very vivid memory of sitting in the lobby of my college dorm talking to my boyfriend at the time about my decision to quit college.  In my mind it was so clear at the time – life was too short to spend in a classroom, I couldn’t relate to other college students …


Holidays and Hardship: Will the kids be alright?

My pretty little girls with your sweet little curls, dreamy eyes, and snow globe sized world; what I wouldn’t give to keep you wrapped in a blanket of safety and comfort forever. While you lay in your bed and worry about the monsters in your closet; I lay in mine and think about dangers that look nothing …


The ‘Yes, and…’ approach to gratitude

You didn’t think we’d make it through Thanksgiving without a gratitude post, did you? Well think again. We know every once in a while when this topic pops up a good percentage of you zone out; when you’re feeling down it’s extremely annoying to have some lady blogger tell you to be grateful. But we …

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