ideal of grieving well

The Ideal of Grieving Well

It seems crazy to think that the world would keep on spinning after someone you love dies. Yet, on the morning of your loved one’s funeral you peer out from behind a tinted car window and find life going on as usual. Befuddled you watch as strangers engage in odd and purposeless rituals and you …


Grief, Emotion & Major Life Decisions

I should start out by saying this post is not about some disastrous decision I made while grieving, so don’t expect the story to end in a smoking pile of wreckage. Excuse the spoiler, but it actually ends with a sweet smelling chubby cheeked bundle of wonderful. Most decisions – good, bad, hasty, or impulsive …

dual process model of grief

Grief Theory 101: The Dual Process Model of Grief

Those of you who love love LOVE WYG’s grief theory posts have probably been a little frustrated lately. After scouring the archives I’ve discovered it has been about 4 months since we last covered a grief theory. Whoops. This hiatus has in no way been intentional so today we’re getting back on track by talking …


Dear Readers: Growth and Grief Resources

Dear Readers, I want to take a moment to write this quick and humble update. Quick because we’re talking about ourselves and anything that even borders on self-promotion makes us want to run out of the room and hide under the kitchen table like embarrassed children. Humble because we’re so grateful for the time and …


64 Thoughts on Individual Worth and Forgiveness

Litsa and I have been promising a forgiveness post for months now.  No one has specifically asked for this particular topic, but we’ve covered anger, guilt, regret, and making amends; forgiveness just seems like the logical next step.   Over the last few weeks we wrote about forgiveness…and then rewrote…and then turned the writing into …

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