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No One is Alone

I’ve been mulling over the idea that no one is alone. It’s a belief I aspire to, but not a truth I can recognize in the context of my every day life. With 2 children, a husband, a father, 5 brothers and sisters, friends, and an extended network of family, my support system seems like …


Grief Support For Those Who Like to Listen: What’s Your Grief Podcast

Those who follow us on Facebook or who pay extra close attention to our sidebar (over to the right, silly) may already know about the What’s Your Grief Podcast; otherwise known as ‘gabbing about grief'; ‘chatting about coping'; and ‘gossiping with the grief gals’.   On WYG’s second birthday we told you that, among other things, our mission …

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Grief After Abortion: healing from unspoken loss

There are posts that we write here on WYG that travel like wildfire.  In the course of a day or two we see the reach on social media climb, people commenting, sharing and resharing.  We love it, because it reminds us that grievers want to help other grievers.  They want to share help and support …

parenting while grieving

Parenting While Grieving

When it comes to parenting, humans are a protective bunch. I feel qualified to say this as I am the mother of two young girls who I would shield with my life. Call me anxious but I have lay awake many a night playing out disaster scenarios in my head; trying to decide how I …


Meditations on the Word ‘Loss': Can we really ever lose those who die?

I’ve been thinking about the word loss as it pertains to someone’s death.  More specifically, as  Merriam-Webster defines it, “A person or thing or an amount that is lost.”  Somewhere in our linguistic history society decided loss was an acceptable euphemism for death; well technically not for the word death itself, but for the person or thing that has died (as defined …

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