Winter is Coming: 64 tips for grieving through the winter blues

Okay, so it may feel like we are jumping the gun with a post about winter blues on the first day of fall, but we have good reason.  I promise.  Weather can have a real impact on mood and coping, whether you like it or not.  There are those of you who love the dark …

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Anxiety in Grief

Think of something that scares you. Perhaps it’s the thought of giving a speech in front of a crowd, taking a test, asking your crush out on a date, or jumping out of an airplane. Even if you’re mostly fearless, everyone’s got something. Now think about the thoughts and sensations you typically experience right before doing this thing that …


Conceptualizing Progress in Grief

We often use the simile that grief is like a journey and while grief is a little bit like a journey, it’s not the perfect comparison.  The word ‘journey’ is not quite right because (1) I think it makes grief sound way more exciting than it is and (2) journeys are usually direct and typically have an endpoint. Grieving is …


Creating Grief Support Spaces

You know, life is hard. Well…I know you know life is hard…but let me say it anyways. Life is hard and, at one point or another, each and every person walking the face of this Earth will experience a significant loss. 7.4 billion people x however many losses they experience = a lot of loss. Looking …

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10 Helpful Tips for Talking with Children about the Drug-Related Death of a Loved One

Talking to kids about death can feel tricky and overwhelming.  Talking to them about a stigmatized and confusing death, like a suicide or a drug-relate death, that can feel even trickier and even more overwhelming!  With International Overdose Awareness Day coming up this week (August 31st, to be exact) we thought it might be nice …

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