Family Misunderstanding After a Death

Ahhhh family. Family, family, family. Family can be great, but that’s not what this post is about.  This post is about death and grief and all those times you’ve looked at a family member and said – “who are you?” “what are you doing? ” “where were you?” “when did you turn into someone I don’t know?” …


The Grief Wall: Loss of Identity After Stillbirth

This essay was written by one of our grief friends, Alex.  We very rarely have guest posts, only when we know the writer’s message will resonate with those who’ve had similar experiences in a way we couldn’t hope to replicate.  Thank you, Alex, for sharing your story. ———————————————————————– Our baby boy, Robin, was born still three …


State of What’s Your Grief: Updates and Announcements

Approximately once a year, Litsa and I take a break from grief support in order to give a little ‘State of WYG’ update.  You might not know it, but we are more than just a super happening grief blog.  It’s true!  In addition to writing articles, we also create print grief resources, conduct workshops, record podcasts, create …

grief and  forgivness FI

Grief and Forgiveness Part Two: 12 Tips for Self-Forgiveness

Remember when I wrote a post on grief and forgiveness and I promised I would follow it up with a second post on grief and self-forgiveness?   Come on, think reeeally hard.  Go way back in your WYG memory.  Alright, or not.  It was a solid 6 months ago, you don’t commit all 0ur articles to …


Supporting a Grieving Child: The Importance of Modeling

Readers with children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews, or any child-age friend or family member, I want you to envision the following scenario: You are flipping through the television channels with your young friend sitting nearby.  The child is playing but he or she looks up whenever something attention grabbing appears on the tv. In your channel …

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