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Guilt vs Regret in Grief

When it comes to grief, guilt and regret are words that get tossed around pretty regularly.  We all have things we wish we’d done differently, things we wish we had or hadn’t said, things we feel terrible about.  This isn’t our first time writing about these topics.  We have a post on guilt here and …

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What’s Your Grief 101

Welcome to What’s Your Grief 101.  Today’s post is a bit of a guide, a place to start here at WYG.  For those of you who have been hanging out with us for a while, these may be familiar old favs, or classics you didn’t even realize you’d missed.  For those new to WYG, these …


Grief and Gender

We are usually pretty hesitant to even hint at categorizing, labeling or classifying grief. There are so many different grief responses that can and should be considered ‘normal’ and no two people will have the exact same feelings and experiences after a death, not even those from the same family, region, religion, or culture. All …


Sharing Memories on Mother’s Day

Last year around Mother’s Day I read an article that has really stuck with me called Dear Kids by John Dickerson.  In the article the Dickerson urges mother’s to write letters, theoretically for their children to have and hold on to long after the parent has died.  Although I agree with this call to action, …


The Limited Language of Grief

I have been thinking about the limitations of language a lot lately, specifically when it comes to grief.  When you write and talk about grief as much as we do at What’s Your Grief, you become accutely aware of the ways in which language sometimes fails. There is nothing more frustrating than struggling to find the words to capture an …

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