In defense of holiday villains

In Defense of the Holiday Villain

I would like to take a moment to stand up in defense of holiday villains. You know who I mean, they’re usually green, wrinkly, sneaky looking creatures and you’ve probably seen them on your television as of late. They’re giant snow monsters; heat misers; wet bandits; greedy old men with catch phrases like “bah humbug” …


The Cost of Good Grief Support: We need your help

How long have you been a reader of What’s Your Grief? One year? A couple months? Two weeks? A day? No matter how long it’s been, we’re grateful. Today is What’s Your Grief’s 2nd birthday.  It makes me smile and shake my head to think how far we’ve come in those two years.  What’s Your …

FI - laughter

The Utility of Laughter in Times of Grief

Among the kinds of coping you expect to see from a griever, the reaction that seems to surprise people the most is humor. At a time when one expects to feel only extreme sadness and somber reverence they find themselves laughing nervously or making a joke. There’s a dissonance within the person and they wonder, ‘Why …

ornament kids grief

Remembering Ornament: A Holiday Grief Activity for Kids & Teens

Tired of holiday grief posts yet?  Yeah, they are starting to wear on us too.  We promise to shake things up with a couple non-holiday posts over the next week, but I wanted to share this idea so you could have a few days to buy supplies if you want to do this with the kiddos …

FI grief gifts guide

A Holiday Gift Giving Guide for Grievers

Whether you are shopping as a griever or for a griever (or both!), shopping at the holidays can be tough.  You are surrounded by all those happy people at the mall, struggling to find the motivation to shop, struggling to find the ‘right’ gift for someone who has suffered a devastating loss this year, all to …

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