Grief Makes You Crazy


What is Normal in Grief?

Here’s a test question for you: Which of the following grief related behaviors is abnormal? A.  A father who visits his son’s grave every morning B. A widower who continues to wear his wedding ring 5 years after his wife’s death C. A woman who refuses to part with her deceased mother’s belongings D. A  woman who …

death of a grandparent

Grieving the Death of a Grandparent

My last memories of my grandmother are from my wedding in November of 2005. To be honest, I wasn’t thinking very much about her at the time because (1) I was getting married and (2) I was still coming to terms with the terminal cancer diagnosis my mother had received a month before. I like to believe that …

things left unsaid

The Dissonance of Things Left Unsaid

I want you to imagine you’re listening to a child play the piano. This particular child is relatively new to piano and has just started learning the complicated business playing chords.  As you listen to her play, you notice that some chords sound pleasant and pleasing, but every once in a while she hits the wrong note …

hurt in grief

Hurting the Ones we Love in Grief

Confession time.  Sometimes, I’m kind of a jerk.  Actually, I’ve been an especially large mess during some of the years you’ve known me on this website.  I don’t want to call it a mid-life crisis, because I hold out the hope that I’ll live to 100, rather I’ll say that I’ve allowed emotions like fear, …


64 Things Our Readers Would Tell Their Younger Selves About Grief

We’ve been engaged a bit of a dialogue over on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram about the things our readers would tell their younger selves about grief (either before they experienced the death of their loved one or just after).  The advice they have to offer runs the gamut, but echoes the collective wisdom we hear from …

possibility in grief

“Maybe, someday”: Staying open to possibility in grief

It’s disgusting out today. Yesterday I sat at my window and watched charming white snowflakes fall gently from the sky, today all I see are sloppy wet raindrops pelting the ground and turning everything to slush. Tensions are running high around the house. No school on Monday and Tuesday means we’ve been cooped up for …

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