Thank you for your generous contributions

When struggling in the dark, it is often through small acts of kindness that grievers are able to see they are not alone. What’s Your Grief is brought to you thanks in part to contributions made in honor of the following loved ones.

Thanks for gifts given…

In memory of Robert Williams

In memory of Evelyn Davies

In memory of Aries

In memory of Brittany Newcomb

In memory of William “Bud” Gardner

In memory of Keith and Jeri Barrett

In memory of Cory Sprow

In memory of Lilburn Dawson

In memory of Rob Thomson (Scotland) 

In memory of my sister Galen Wilson West who died of cancer at the way too young age of only 51

In memory of Alexis Michelle Smit (nee Bronkhorst)

In memory of Richard H. Love, Jr.

In memory of Bud and Trudy Cale

In memory of Clyde Atwood

In memory of Spc Michael L. Gonzalez

In memory of John Berg

In memory of my son Tyler Neal Daniels

In memory of Robin Gipson…best friend ever!

In memory of Carol Anglin (Llewellyn)

In memory of Jesse from Doug and Rita Ebbert

In memory of David Paul Russell, 10/11/57 – 02/14/14 ~ Carmella Russell

In memory of my daughter, Liz Krehm

In memory of our sweet angel, Elyssa Jacobs

In memory of my mom, Bernice Schultz (Canada). Love you lots.

In memory of Daddy, Alex, Moms, Bub, & Z

In memory of Jason Grant Ritchie (loving son and brother)

In memory of Tony Mason

In memory of Scott Pinkava

In memory of Jerry Lemons

In memory of Karen S. Ledgerwood

In memory of Mom

In memory of Laura Mary Meske, who has broken my heart by leaving me way too soon. Xoxo.

In memory of Eddie Gambarella

In memory of baby angel Benjamin Romero

In loving memory of my beloved Mot. Always, Nancy XO

Remembering my husband Bill

In memory of my dad, Burt Elstad

In memory of my mom Karen Hasenfus

In memory of babies Robin, Harley, Julian, Seth, William, and the many more pure souls like them

In memory of Mildred and Woodie Savage; & Teresa (Savage) Kindschi

Donation by Annalies Hernandez in memory of my mother Marijke Vermuelen Hernandez 6-17-16.

In Memory of Kevin Gregory

In Loving Memory of Daniel Snel

In loving memory of Mom and Dad (Anne and Ed Fong), who have shown me the way out of the darkness and the pit of despair

In memory of Kate

In memory of Will Day

In memory of Sam Williams 1964 – 2016

Donation in memory of Matthew Oligario

In Loving Memory of Jeff Paape

In memory of Madelyn Shumaker

In Memory of Adam. Heart of my Heart.

In memory of my love Jimmy Straine

In memory of Carol Anglin and her loving companion Miss Chloe

In memory of my beautiful boy, Jack. Love, Mom

In memory of Rod Hodges – thanks for the memories

In memory of Brett Welker, who would have thought this was bullsh*t

In memory of our beloved son Steven Mawer

In memory of my son James Thelen

In memory of Hugh and Jane McGonagle

In memory of my loving brother, Glenn A. Fish, and our beloved nephew, Evan W. Fish

In memory of my beautiful wife Tina Yee

For Soph from Pete

In memory of Andy (AKS) from LDR

Forever in our hearts and minds – Adam Wysota

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Rocky & Mary Lee Cale

Posted on December 15, 2014 at 10:35 am

In memory of Clyde Atwood


Jamie Ann Baker

Posted on November 9, 2015 at 4:56 am

:'( In Loving Memory of Golden Leland Allen & Helen Hofler Allen (maternal grandparents), Sally Barr Wyeth (dear friend), Helen Shirley Cripps (dear friend), Margo Packard Sellers (dear friend), Donald Wayne Kelley (dear friend), & Lester Franklin Walter (significant other) 🙁


Valerie Callahan

Posted on December 14, 2015 at 8:32 pm

In loving memory and with deepest gratitude for a quarter century of love and partnership with my best friend and husband, Charley Callahan.


Lisa Jensen

Posted on December 16, 2015 at 3:56 pm

In loving memory of my husband, Donald Bonham and my mother Dorothy Louise Jensen. I turned to WYG many times in the past year.


Yam Kahol

Posted on December 17, 2015 at 7:23 pm

In thanks to you, Litsa and Eleanor, who have made these past 11 months a little more bearable.