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Saying Goodbye to a Home and Grieving Places Past

My grandmother belonged in her home like a doll in her dollhouse. Each article of clothing, piece of furniture, and accessory seemed perfectly suited to her style and personality. I imagine her now, standing in her doorway at 12 am

Let’s Go Home

Once upon a time I lived in a little white house with my mother, father, four sisters and two brothers. The house was often messy and always noisy.  It stood tall against the abuses of 6 rowdy children, its worn in

The Long Goodbye: An Open Letter to Meghan O’Rourke

Dear Meghan, I feel like I should start this letter with an apology. Someone told me of The Long Goodbye shortly after it came out, explaining how much I would love it and telling me that I had to read

What’s Your Grief Lyric?

We recently asked the WYG community on Instagram the following question: Choose one song lyric or verse to express the grief you're feeling right now, in this moment. What is it? Now, if you've been following WYG for a while, you may

10 Ideas for Funerals and Memorials When You Can’t Be Together

Families being scattered, unable to gather for funerals, is not a new thing. And, for that reason, virtual funerals aren't new. Far from it. But currently, with the surge of restrictions for health and safety concerns, we are hearing about them

How to Live-Stream a Funeral or Memorial Service

With travel severely curtailed and nearly all gatherings restricted, arguably one of the most negatively impacted aspects of this public health emergency is the expounding grief for friends and family members who do not have the ability to travel for

WYG’s Definition of Grief

We've written extensively about grief over the years. We've expanded and clarified; we've waxed poetic; and, yes, perhaps we've even pontificated a little on the subject. Though our hope is always to explain and simplify, I sometimes worry that with

Mourning the Passage of Time

I’ll be a year older next week as far as my license is concerned. That’s a fancy way of saying it’s almost my birthday. Though I wouldn’t say I look upon the day with dread, I’ve reached the point in

64 Examples of Disenfranchised Grief

Disenfranchised grief is a term that was coined by one of our favorite grief researchers, Ken Doka, about twenty years ago. He defines disenfranchised grief as, “Grief that persons experience when they incur a loss that is not or cannot be